Five things you didn’t know about the Maldives

1. It is expensive.

2. Three or four days is plenty!  This is not a vacation for activity. This is definitely a vacation to relax.  Most hotels are located on their own private island thus it is the only hotel on the island. A peaceful short stay of 3 or 4 days will still last a lifetime of memories.

3. Peaceful. Relaxing. Romantic. And, luxurious. Save up and plan to spend money for a nice getaway.  Don’t go with a cheap hotel for this trip. You may find yourself fretting over the price of things, but try to remember that the Maldives is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A generous dash of indulgence is part of the Maldives experience, and you won’t enjoy it if you’re constantly worried about cash. Build out your budget before you arrive, so you won’t have to worry about pinching pennies.

4. Many of the people of the Maldives are Muslim, which means there are strict rules around the consumption of alcohol. Tourists cannot bring alcohol into the country or consume it on inhabited islands.

5.  It’s that beautiful.  

Check out this video to learn more.

A Visitor’s Guide to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, the name itself says a lot. Historical, tourist attraction. The first important tourist attraction in America–resulted in the first state park to preserve the incredible natural feature, and tourism began in mid-80.

When you visit here, then you’ll understand why people still travel from all over the waterfalls are furiously massive, and even from a distance are quite impressive and immense. You’ll fall in love with this place.

Here’s our guide to visiting the famed attractions nearby:

Rainbow Bridge

Want to see a magical view? Here is the Rainbow Bridge which connects Canada and New York as it passes over the Niagara Gorge. An alternate for the older Honeymoon Bridge. After visiting this place, We highly suggest you walk around; then you’ll get the sense of the thundering falls. Take the classic photo of yours with foot on international border either side, Make sure to carry your passport!

Niagara Gorge Trail

The perfect outdoorsy hiking enthusiasts. It’s a chain of trails in the Gorge which offers different ways to view the natural wonder. Most are easily reachable, but few are like 2-3 mile round trip, but, the Niagara Gorge Trail is around 6 miles one way, and the easy hike offers views of the Devil’s Hole Rapids. The sightseeing of power plants from these trails is worth out on a trip to the falls.

The Maid of the Mist

Moving around will take you on a historic boat right up to Horseshoe Falls,  the most beautiful way to see the Canadian side of Niagara without actually into Canada, you’ll get soaked her, so be prepared. The boat tour will start near Rainbow Bridge, in calm waters, and then all the way into the dense spraying of the Horseshoe Falls curve. To get the best of this attraction, reach in Morning around 09:00 AM.

This was our favorite part. Several of us from work ( went together to celebrate our best year ever and a big fat bonus. We saw the falls from up top and from the bridge, but boating through the mist is very cool.

Three Sisters Islands

Celinda, Angelina, and Asenath Whitney, the daughters of one of Niagara’s earliest citizens, General Parkhurst Whitney. The Iroquois has performed sacrifices and made offerings to He-No, the Mighty Thundered living behind falls in a cave. Psychics claim that this is a place to commune with spirits. Otherwise, you can hike the islands to view the rapid falls above.

The Tower Hotel

The hotel is a quirky little gem, 500 yards away from the fall and offers panoramic views from its tower. The rooms are contemporary available, visit and have fun. They also have a restaurant that provides incredible, stunning views and eateries as well!

Niagara Skywheel

Clifton Mill is a spot with lots of kitschy attractions primarily for the tourists, but the Niagara SkyWheel is worth it, don’t miss this from your bucket list. The enclosed gondolas are incredible, the views from the top 175 feet up are killer seriously. There’s also a celebrity wax museum and many more activities to catch up, so definitely don’t miss out!

Skylon Tower

The thriller view from 775 feet up is ultimate, incredibly designed. The glass elevator ride up to the top of the tower, indoor/outdoor observation decks offer views of the Gorge, the Falls, wine country, Toronto, and even New York. The best way to enjoy it, Take a ride up around sunset and enjoy the buffet dinner as you take in the views.

Summer is undoubtedly the best time to visit Niagara Falls, as many attractions remain close in the winter season. Though, it’s still worth to visit in winters, since the frozen falls are a treat to see. Get ready for the long fall flight!!!

Cruise to Mexico – An Experience of Lifetime

Roaming via Cruise ship is one of the best ways to see the entire world; Cruise Vacations in Mexico are the best way to get away from the hustle bustle city life. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon package, romantic or family getaway, a new adventure or something else – travel to Mexico on a Cruise has something for all! Cruises to Mexico let you discover some beautiful tropical locales including Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, San Carlos, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Costa Maya.

Cruises head off from Los Angeles, Long Beach or San Diego in California. Other cruise departure cities include Vancouver, Canada, San Francisco, or Miami. You’ll need to decide what you want from your cruise to Mexico because everything is available, from massive cruise ships with all the amenities to smaller, adventure-type ships where the emphasis is on the destination, not the transportation.

If you’re not sure about your Mexico cruise destinations, we introduce five best destinations of Mexico in cruise have to offer.

Cozumel – The 4th busiest cruise port in the world, Cozumel is famous for its stunning beaches, scuba diving, shopping, and coral reefs! It is a primary destination for all kinds of wildlife. There are many activities one can do while staying in Cozumel snorkeling with iridescent fish at Chankanaab National Park and Swim with Dolphins.

Costa Maya – For history lovers, Costa Maya offers unique tours of the ancient Mayan world. World-renowned yoga center in Costa Maya is a place where people from all over the world have gone through a spiritual awakening experience. Coral reef tours are also available here, and visitors can also spend their time by taking sunbath on the Costa Maya beaches!

Acapulco- Acapulco offers everything for party freaks as the Acapulco has the vibrant nightlife in the entire of Mexico! If you are in Acapulco, make sure to visit Bara Vieja beach and go fishing and enjoy the delicious seafood here! Acapulco is a place where visitors can experience unique cultural centers and beautiful cathedrals.

Cabo San Lucas – For an adventurous person, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to experience activities includes swimming with dolphins, surfing, rock climbing, and camel riding. The cruise vacations in Mexico won’t be complete without paying a visit to Cabo San Lucas. Go and try your hand at fishing with a local charter and then relax with great food at any of the local restaurants afterward.

Puerto Vallarta– If you want to spend some quality time with your partner, Puerto Vallarta is a right place for you! Head to Sierra Madre Mountains for the great hiking and stunning sunsets experience. Puerto Vallarta is also a famous place for honeymoon & destination weddings, and wedding planners are available for sensible prices here.

Mexico is a beautiful country to explore while you are on a cruise vacation. There are many things to do and visit in Mexico, and the best way to cover these places is only through Cruise ship! Before making a booking with Cruise to Mexico, we recommend you to look over the various cruises lines to Mexico, and choose which itinerary and ship most appeals to you, and book it. You’ll be glad you did! So are you all set to have the best time of your life?
Take a family cruise to Mexico.

Three Ways to Enjoy Solo Travel to Seychelles

Seychelles is made up of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa. It is home to several beaches, nature reserves, coral reefs, rare animals, mountain rainforests and so much more. One of the rare animals in Seychelles is the giant Aldabra tortoise.

Seychelles is one of the popular romantic destinations and travelling there alone is quite absurd. It is mostly marketed as a romantic getaway so, as you will find out, most services and activities are designed with two or more people in mind. This is because businesses rarely see solo travelers. The hotel beds, for instance, are generally king size. The beach loungers around the pool are also always grouped in twos while the massage packages at the resorts are offered to couples. This may make you look awkward and lonely even if you are not lonely inside. You see, the real loneliness is sometimes the feeling that other people think you are indeed lonely and in need of a mate.

However, you can visit Seychelles alone and still enjoy the flavors it has on offer, so long you approach with the right attitude. You really do not need a companion to enjoy the best gifts of nature. Suppose you do not have a partner at the moment — do you wait until he or she turns up? Oh, life is too short to stand around and wait for a partner. Have your fun.

One advantage of travelling solo is that you have the freedom to do whatever you want when you want it. You do not have to consult anyone about what to take for lunch. But first, you need to learn how to enjoy lone travel. These tips should guide you:

Do Your Research

Take your time to find out which restaurants have services tailored for solo travelers and which activities you can enjoy alone. Finding a self-catering apartment is even better for this will help you cut costs. There is no point in booking the hotels whose services are mainly designed for at least two customers. You can also search for private tours to guide you through the tourist sites. This way, you will be travelling I the company of other tourists, and soon you will make friends. Who knows, you can meet another solo traveler looking for a, well, guess what.

Mind Your Own Business

Learn to love yourself and never bother to worry about what the stereotypes think or whisper. Pamper yourself, get that solo massage, enjoy your decadent desserts and delicious plates of seafood, and dive in the turquoise blue water snorkel through the marine life and coral reefs. The waters are so clear that you can see the ocean floor easily. Then spread your legs out on a sunset beach or walk along the white sands, watching beautiful boulders, coastlines and rocks. You might be surprised to discover that there is something romantic about walking alone along the beach. You can take selfies, take boat rides, hike on the mountains on the wonderful trails or learn about tortoise conservation, all on your own.

Make Friends with the Locals

It is also helpful to talk to the locals. You can ask lots of questions and learn two or three facts about each site you visit. You can also ask for directions. Talking is rewarding to both the parties. So do not be a mum or dump solo traveler.

Watch Your Safety

As a solo traveler, you are naturally an easy target for those with wicked plans. Though crime in Seychelles is minimal compared to many countries, there are, however, petty thefts on the beaches. So if you are a solo traveler make sure your personal belongings are safe as you enjoy your swimming. Additionally, avoid isolated areas where you won’t be able to find quick help if attacked by robbers or kidnappers. You should consider having travel insurance in case the “God Forbid” happens.

Bonus Tip

While there are no poisonous snakes or spiders in Seychelles, you better watch out for centipedes. They give a nasty bite that can get you running wildly for miles. But this is not a common occurrence. They only bite on special occasions.

To get through customs, you need a valid passport, a return ticket, proof of already booked accommodation and you also have to prove that you have enough funds for the duration of stay.

The capital city of Seychelles is Victoria, the currency is rupee, and the population is close to one million.