What to Do in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde is a tiny little archipelago 400km off the coast of West Africa.  Any tourist who has visited this place can testify of the fond memories of visiting, especially with all the amazing things in Cabo Verde.

Are you planning to visit this country? Here are a couple of things that you should know before setting foot on this paradise.

HorseBack Riding in Santa Maria

Santa Maria is the biggest and most famous beach in Sal but tourists going here are not looking for water. Ironically, Santa Maria also has expansive salt flats just beyond the waterline where you can experience horseback riding. There are guides in the area who are trained to handle horses and they will help you manage to ride the horse. But now that you know there is horseback riding experience in Cabo Verde, you might want to train prior to your visit here.

Hiking at Pico de Pogo

If you want some adventure, you can head over to Fogo island where you can trek near the summit of the popular mountain Pico de Fogo. It is the highest point in all of Cabo Verde. Now, there is little need to worry about an imminent eruption as the volcano hasn’t erupted in about 400 years. The trek to the peak is more than just an ordinary trekking experience as the locals are really friendly. In fact, they have little surprises for you as you go along the way.

Jump on a dune buggy in Boa Vista

Boa Vista is a popular island in Cabo Verde that is often visited by visitors because of the wide stretch of sand dunes. It is a desert paradise that is perfect for an off-road dune adventure. Now you probably find it is easiest to book the dune adventure at your hotel, so try to ask the concierge once you arrive.

Surf at Kite Beach

Kite Beach is the perfect place on Sal Island to stretch your body and learn to surf.  Some places like Surf Zone Cabo Verde offer beginner lessons for people who have no experience in surfing but want to learn the sport. Just remember, as with any potentially rough sea currents, always listen to your trainer and ask advice from the local experts. They know better how to get around with the place.