The Best Hotels in Sweden

Sweden is the best destination for fans of monarchy and the great tradition of royalty in Europe.  Clearly, this place is not only historically the home of popular monarchs but the remnants of its rich past is evident up until the present times.  If you are visiting the capital city of Sweden, here are some of the best hotels you can stay in.

 Ett Hem

Whilst categorized as a luxury hotel, Ett Hem feels more homily than many other luxury hotels in Stockhom.  The design is specially tailored for guests to freely move around. There is a relaxing living room, kitchen, and well-groomed rooms. It’s quite close to the embassy district and the city center which is why it is often hailed as the traveller’s favorite.

Loggers Lodge

If you want to move away from the hustle-bustle of the city, the Loggers Lodge is an ideal hotel for you. This hotel is far removed from any town but it is luxurious and cozy. The hotel is surrounded by a green forest which makes the ambiance rather tropical. You would love to try the glass-framed fireplace at the foot of your bed. There is an adjacent sauna and outdoor hot tub that will keep you warm throughout the cold days and night.

Sandhamn Seglarhotell

 Painted in deep red, the Sandhamn Seglarhotell is also known as the Yacht Hotel because it is strategically located in Stockhom’s harbor. It’s hard to tell that the hotel is a renovated 19th-century luxury pad since its façade looks rather new. What we love about the hotel is the rural archipelago architecture. When you’re here, you can feel the original Swedish vibe. The rooms are cozy and neatly arranged. Whilst it is bright red on the outside, the rooms are white-painted with large beds that are neatly covered with plain sheets. We just loved it!

Grand Hotel

 Located right across from the Royal Palace, the Grand Hotel is a favorite destination for those who are looking for a grand accommodation. Well, just as the name says, this hotel features contemporary rooms. Moreover, it is located near to Stockhom’s city centre and many other attractions such as The Modern Museum and the high-end shopping district Bibliotekstan. The accommodation is quite pricey but it is going to give the best value for your money.